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  • Accord Radio Screen Fix

    Project Detail When it comes to radio screen replacements, we have all the tools to get the job done right. For this particular radio, a lot of small parts needed

  • GPS Trackers

    Project Detail Vehicle GPS trackers are a useful device if you plan on locating your precious car that you relentlessly spent countless amount of money and time on. If it

  • Myron & Davis vs. Factory

    Project Detail Thinking about replacing your boring factory radio with an aftermarket navigation system and much more. Check out the oem look of Myron and Davis navigation radios. This one

  • Acura Radio Screen Fix

    New project, replacing broken screen of an '05 Acura Tl radio. Listen up folks, if you ever get frustrated and you're driving around in your car please don't take your

  • S14's

    Project Detail What a surprise, 2 S14's show up at the same time. For those of you that don't know what an S14 is, look at the picture. Hehehe, seriously!

  • Interior Game

    Project Detail I know what you're saying, another s14? Hahaha, yup! One of our good clients wanted a quick release installed and a drift knob which he got for free!

  • Integra Spring Clean Up

    Project Detail Fun project: This client asked us to diagnose his amplifier because the bass wasn't coming on (see top picture). We just couln't help but rewire the mess and

  • Tour Bus Entertainment System

    Project Detail Whooo party!! Anyways, take a good look at this installation, isn't clean? I hope the people that ride this party bus/tour bus enjoy all the video and audio


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